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Cos d'Estournel 2014 - 98 points - CHF 115 + Vat - Deal!

Dear Wine Lover,


Finding a good vintage of Cos d’Estournel bellow CHF 200 is almost impossible nowadays. All great vintages such as 2000, 2003, 2005, 2009 or 2010 range from a price of CHF 205.00 up to CHF 372.60 Vat included per bottle, not really cheap but that’s the price to pay today for this great wine. Not so though for the great 2014 vintage, a year were Cos produced a magnificent wine and were you can ensure you some bottles at almost half price compared to the big vintage mentioned earlier. In my opinion a great deal which you shouldn’t miss..


This is undoubltely one of the greatest Bordeaux wines produced in the 2014 vintage and which received amazing ratings from 3 wine critics such as James Suckling that gave it 98 points, stating: “What harmony and structure”. Our Swiss wine Guru René Gabriel was close to offering a perfect ranking and put a wonderful 19 points note. He compared this 2014 vintage with the drinking experience he had with the legendary 1985 telling: “This is one of the best Cos d'Estournels that I can remember trying at this early stage, it really does have every hair standing up on end.” and our sommelier Davide Vaccarini with incredible 97 points pointing its “unbelievable depth” out!


This 2014 Cos d’Estournel is definitely a wine that you should not miss from this vintage.  At this price level we think the wine will be sold quite soon, we highly suggest that you are quick and let us know immediately your interest. As usual the quantities will be sold at the “first come first served” principal!


75.0 cl Château Cos d’Estournel 2016 – St. Estèphe - CHF 115.00 (CHF 124.20 Vat Incl.)

For 36 bottles or more CHF 110.00 (118.80 Vat incl.)

Half bottles (37.5cl) at CHF 60.00 (CHF 64.80 Vat Incl.)

Some Magnums (150.0cl) at CHF 245.00 (CHF 264.60 Vat Incl.)

Only 1 rare Balthazar (1200cl) at CHF 2’400.00 (CHF 2’592.00 Vat Incl.)

Only 1 rare Nebuchadnezzar (1500cl) at CHF 3’200.00 (CHF 3’456.00 Vat Incl.)

1 ultra-rare Melchior (1800cl) at CHF 3’950.00 (CHF 4’266.00 Vat Incl.)  

Blend: 65% Cab. Sauvignon - 33% Merlot – 2% Cab. Franc

James Suckling 98 Points: If you want to know what St.-Estèphe smells like, this is it. Aromas of spices, black truffles, forest floor, dried strawberries and tar. It’s full-bodied yet pinpointed on the palate with fabulous density and richness. It’s opulent but in a reserved and checked way. This needs at least five or six years to come around, but it’s already fantastic. What harmony and structure. Try in 2022 if you can keep your hands off it!
René Gabriel 19 Points: 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Merlot, 2% Cabernet Franc. At 33.5 hectolitres per hectare, this is a rather smaller harvest. Extremely dark purple with purple and violet reflections. Royale's bouquet, the fruit component radiating almost only black berryy, is very fresh, the complex and fascinating nose play is accompanied by dancing violet notes, then black precious woods, liquorice and a matching portion of mocha behind it.
On the palate, silky tannins, well-balanced, mature astringency, medium-weight body with an almost dramatic length. The very first Cos I tasted was the vintage 1985, and I was visibly touched at that time. And that was again the case. With a wine that is similar to 1985 in many ways. And then again not! 19/20 2020 – 2040
Arvi 97 Points: Black fruits, cigar tobacco and spices likes cinnamon. Outstanding structure, fine tannins with great evolution and unbelievable depth.   _


Also worth a suggestion is Cos d’estournel white wine, 66% Sauvignon Blanc and 34% Semillion. A beauty to drink and unfindable as only 8’000 bottles have been produced. Very few cases available on this:


75.0 cl Cos d'Estournel Blanc - Château Cos d'Estournel 2014 CHF 82.00 (CHF 88.55 Vat Incl.)

For 36 bottles or more CHF 79.00 (85.30 Vat incl.)

James Suckling 95 Points: This is so dense and layered with complex dried-pineapple, stone and cooked-apple character. Mineral undertones. Full and powerful with a lightly salty finish. Enormous wine yet always fresh. 66% sauvignon blanc and 24% semillon. Better to drink in 2020 but fantastic now. 8000 bottles made.

VAT Excl.
Values are for information. Wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE. Terms and Conditions Apply
Cos d'Estournel
St. Estephe
37.5 cl 2014 94 94 65.00     
Cos d'Estournel
St. Estephe
75 cl 2014 94 94 120.00     
Cos d'Estournel
St. Estephe
150 cl 2014 94 94 250.00     
Cos d'Estournel
St. Estephe
300 cl 2014 94 94 550.00     
Cos d'Estournel
St. Estephe
600 cl 2014 94 94 1'150.00     
Cos d'Estournel
St. Estephe
1800 cl 2014 94 94 3'950.00     

This wine is ready to be delivered!


Price per bottle in CHF – VAT included for deliveries within Switzerland, VAT excluded for export. Transport cost excluded. Offer subject to final confirmation and to be unsold E&OE.

The Arvi Team



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