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Chateau Meyney 2015 - the single smartest purchase

Dear Wine Lover,


This is the most amazing value wine you will come across in this Bordeaux 2015 vintage and our best seller in this price range during En Primeur: Meyney 2015. As our Swiss Wine Guru Rene Gabriel states: ”I had the best Meyney of my life, and who buys smart and budget wise should set this wine definitely on his EP 2015 purchase list!” That said and with incredible 19 points for CHF 29.00 + VAT, forget everything else now and secure you at least some cases of this incredible Chateau Meyney 2015!


Meyney 2015 it is the only St Estephe having received 19 points by Renè Gabriel, only Montrose managed to receive the same score! It is an incredible wine for the quality it delivers and it counts to those super values that are always amongst the TOP Chateaux in Saint Estephe. As said, same rating as Montrose 2015 which is almost 5 times more expensive selling at CHF 140.00 + Vat today. It is even better rated than the other superstar of St Estephe, Cos d’ Estournel which just received 18 points and which is today sold at CHF 160.00 + Vat. So this is a bargain for the quality it represents also this year, and the 2015 vintage in Bordeaux sets a new quality peak for Meyney!


You are looking for the perfect every day wine of this incredible 2015 vintage that easily challenges Montrose but at a fraction of the price? If you don’t have it yet then this is the perfect moment to do so!


75.0 cl Meyney 2015 - St. Estephe - CHF 29.00 (CHF 31.25 Incl. VAT)

For 12 bottles or more CHF 28.00 (CHF 30.15 Incl. VAT)

For 36 bottles or more CHF 27.00 (CHF 29.10 Incl. VAT)

Half bottles (37.5cl) available at CHF 15.00 (CHF 16.15 Incl. VAT)

Magnums (150.0cl) available at CHF 65.00 (CHF 70.00 Incl. VAT)

Double Magnums (300cl) available at CHF 165.00 (CHF 177.70 Incl. VAT)

Imperials (600cl) available at CHF 330.00 (CHF 355.40 Incl. VAT)

Salmanazar (900cl) available at CHF 600.00 (CHF 646.20 Vat Incl.)

Balthazar (1200cl) available at CHF 850.00 (CHF 915.45 Vat incl.)

Nebuchadnezzar(1500cl) available at CHF 1’100.00 (CHF 1’184.70 Vat incl.)

Melchior (1800cl) available at CHF 1`500.00 (CHF 1`615.50 Vat incl.)

Rene Gabriel 19 points: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot. Extremely dark purple with lilac and violet reflections. An enormous and impressive bouquet right from the beginning, lots of blackberries, black plums, dark noble wood and the first hints of tobacco.  On the palate the nasal fascination continuous seamlessly, deep, baroque, powerful but with matching tannins, which have reached a high ripeness.  Lasting finish. 19/20 2025-2046

VAT Excl.
Values are for information. Wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE. Terms and Conditions Apply
St. Estephe
75 cl 2015 88-90 87-90 29.00     
St. Estephe
150 cl 2015 88-90 87-90 65.00     
St. Estephe
300 cl 2015 88-90 87-90 165.00     
St. Estephe
600 cl 2015 88-90 87-90 330.00     
St. Estephe
900 cl 2015 88-90 87-90 600.00     
St. Estephe
1200 cl 2015 88-90 87-90 850.00     
St. Estephe
1500 cl 2015 88-90 87-90 1'100.00     
St. Estephe
1800 cl 2015 88-90 87-90 1'500.00     

Wines will be released from the Château by end of March.


Price per bottle are displayed in CHF- VAT EXCLUDED and VAT INCLUDED. Transport cost excluded. Offer subject to final confirmation and to be unsold E&OE.


The Arvi Team



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